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A cryptocurrency is similar to a digital currency. You can use it to pay friends their portion of the bar tab, purchase that new pair of socks you've had your eye on, or reserve flights and accommodations for your upcoming vacation. Cryptocurrencies can be sent to friends and family members worldwide because they are digital.
Similar to PayPal or bank transfers, I believe.
Actually not at all. It's a lot more fascinating!
You see, companies own conventional online payment channels. When you wish to spend your money, you must ask them to transfer it on your behalf because they are holding it for you.
An organisation doesn't exist in cryptocurrencies. By using free software, you, your friends, and thousands of other people can function as your own banks. Your computer links to other computers, enabling direct communication without the use of intermediaries.
You don't need to provide an email address and password to register for a website in order to use cryptocurrencies. On your smartphone, you may download a huge selection of apps to start sending and receiving right away.
Numerous additional cryptocurrencies were built on the foundation of Bitcoin. While some were built using the same technologies, others adopted a radically different strategy. Okay, but how do cryptocurrencies differ from one another?
It would take us weeks only to compile a list of all the various cryptocurrencies. Some are quicker than others, while others are more programmable, secure, and private.

Types of MetaCoins

1. Epik Prime
2. Enjin(Enj)
3. Terra virtua Kolect
4. Star Atlas
5. Meta Hero
6. Floki Inu
7. HighStreet
8. Decentraland
9. SandBox
10. ApiCoin

Top Metaverse Cryptocurrencies to Purchase in 2022

  1. Battle Infinity – Overall Best Metaverse Crypto to Buy in 2022
  2. Decentraland – Popular Metaverse Crypto with Limitless Customizability
  3. The Sandbox – Next Best Metaverse Crypto Coin to Invest in
  4. Axie Infinity – Top Metaverse Crypto Coin for Play-to-Earn Gaming
  5. Enjin Coin – Cheap Metaverse Crypto Coin That Could be Undervalued
  6. Ontology – Scalable Blockchain Network for New Metaverse Projects
  7. Wilder World – Low-Cap Metaverse Crypto Coin to Watch in 2022
  8. Ethereum – The De-Facto Blockchain of Metaverse Crypto Coins
  9. SushiSwap – Decentralized Exchange Offering an NFT Marketplace via the Metaverse
  10. Render Token – Growing Project That Offers GPU Space for Metaverse Platform.

The Best Metaverse Coins to Invest in: A Closer Look

You will be entering a cutting-edge niche industry that is still developing if you invest in the Metaverse right away. As a result, you have the chance to buy your preferred Metaverse token at a good starting price.
Additionally, you'll have the chance to diversify your portfolio in 2022 by making some of the top long-term cryptocurrency purchases.
We examine the top ten Metaverse cryptocurrency coins in greater detail in the sections below.
You'll also see that several of the digital currencies mentioned in this book are also among the most undervalued cryptocurrencies available for purchase at the moment.

Battle Infinity

If you make an immediate investment in the Metaverse, you will be joining a cutting-edge niche market that is still growing. You now have the opportunity to purchase your favourite Metaverse token at a reasonable beginning price.
Additionally, by investing in some of the best long-term cryptocurrencies in 2022, you'll have the ability to diversify your portfolio.
In the sections below, we go over the top ten Metaverse cryptocurrency coins in more detail.
Several of the digital currencies covered in this book are also among the most cheaply priced ones that are now on the market, as you'll see.
Battle Infinity, like other metaverse initiatives, provides users with a variety of ways to earn rewards, such as through an integrated fantasy sports league and a cutting-edge staking system that supports solo and duo staking. Users can also purchase "crates" that they can unlock with unique keys; many of them contain exclusive items, coupons, and rewards.
The best way to stay up to current on any project updates is Battle Infinity's Telegram channel, with the $IBAT presale expected to happen in the coming weeks. Battle Infinity, unlike many other projects, already has some legitimacy because it has been audited by SolidProof.io and has its KYC verified by CoinSniper. Overall, despite the current gloom on the cryptocurrency market, Battle Infinity unquestionably provides investors with some hope.


The Sandbox, one of the top Metaverse crypto coins to invest in for 2022, directly competes with Decentraland. The Sandbox originally released a game in 2012, making this project even older than Decentraland. Since then, though, the Sandbox has expanded its commercial strategy to concentrate on the Metaverse.
The Sandbox, which is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, enables users to create, earn, and exchange in-game goods. This offers the possibility to purchase virtual land and construct real properties, much as Decentraland. The property can then be sold on the open market after that. The Sandbox features its own native digital money, called SAND, just like Decentraland.
SAND was initially published on open exchanges in mid-2020 at a starting token price of $0.051, according to CoinMarketCap. Like Decentraland, SAND also reached an all-time high in November 2021 when it breached an astounding $8.44. This indicates that the Sandbox grew the value of its token by more than 16,000% in just the first year of trading.
Be aware that SEC-regulated broker eToro offers access to both Metaverse crypto coins starting at just $10 if you're unsure if Decentraland or the Sandbox is the ideal choice for your portfolio.


Decentraland, the Sandbox, Axie Infinity, and Enjin Coin, the top four Metaverse projects in our analysis above, all use the Ethereum blockchain as its foundation. Since this appears to be the case with the majority of the Metaverse projects that we found, Ethereum should obviously also be taken into account if you want to invest in the sector as a whole.
This is so because Ethereum is the most popular smart contract blockchain in the world, which is essential for the decentralised and safe operation of virtual Metaverse worlds.
Additionally, this year's upgrade of Ethereum to a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism will allow for the development of even more Metaverse projects.

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