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Full Name of the Resource : Phylogeny and alignment of homologous protein structures
Resource Category : Databases -> Protein Sequence Databases -> Protein Domain Databases (Protein Classification)

  1. Title of the Paper : PALI: a database of alignments and phylogeny of homologous protein structures (View at PubMed)
    Contributors : Sujatha, S.; Balaji, S.; Srinivasan, N.
    Address : Molecular Biophysics Unit, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560 012, India.
    Publication Name : Bioinformatics
    Volume : 17
    Issue : 4
    Pages : 375-6
    Publication Year : 2001
    ISSN : 1367-4803 (Print) 1367-4803 (Linking)
    Language : English
    Abstract : PALI is a database of structure-based sequence alignments and phylogenetic relationships derived on the basis of three-dimensional structures of homologous proteins. This database enables grouping of pairs of homologous protein structures on the basis of their sequence identity calculated from the structure-based alignment and PALI also enables association of a new sequence to a family and automatic generation of a dendrogram combining the query sequence and homologous protein structures.