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  1. Title of the Paper : 3DLigandSite: predicting ligand-binding sites using similar structures (View at PubMed)
    Contributors : Wass, M. N.; Kelley, L. A.; Sternberg, M. J.
    Address : Structural Bioinformatics Group, Centre for Bioinformatics, Imperial College London, London, SW7 2AZ, UK.
    Publication Name : Nucleic Acids Res
    Volume : 38
    Issue : Web Server issue
    Pages : W469-73
    Publication Year : 2010
    ISSN : 1362-4962 (Electronic) 0305-1048 (Linking)
    Language : English
    Abstract : 3DLigandSite is a web server for the prediction of ligand-binding sites. It is based upon successful manual methods used in the eighth round of the Critical Assessment of techniques for protein Structure Prediction (CASP8). 3DLigandSite utilizes protein-structure prediction to provide structural models for proteins that have not been solved. Ligands bound to structures similar to the query are superimposed onto the model and used to predict the binding site. In benchmarking against the CASP8 targets 3DLigandSite obtains a Matthew\'s correlation co-efficient (MCC) of 0.64, and coverage and accuracy of 71 and 60%, respectively, similar results to our manual performance in CASP8. In further benchmarking using a large set of protein structures, 3DLigandSite obtains an MCC of 0.68. The web server enables users to submit either a query sequence or structure. Predictions are visually displayed via an interactive Jmol applet. 3DLigandSite is available for use at