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Arabidopsis MPSS
Full Name of the Resource : Arabidopsis gene expression detected by massively parallel signature sequencing
Resource Category : Databases -> Plant databases -> Arabidopsis thaliana

  1. Title of the Paper : Arabidopsis MPSS. An online resource for quantitative expression analysis (View at PubMed)
    Contributors : Meyers, B. C.; Lee, D. K.; Vu, T. H.; Tej, S. S.; Edberg, S. B.; Matvienko, M.; Tindell, L. D.
    Address : Department of Plant and Soil Sciences, University of Delaware, Newark, USA.
    Publication Name : Plant Physiol
    Volume : 135
    Issue : 2
    Pages : 801-13
    Publication Year : 2004
    ISSN : 0032-0889 (Print) 0032-0889 (Linking)
    Language : English