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  1. Reactome - a knowledgebase of biological processes (View Publication)
    Resource Category : Webserver -> Protein -> Interactions, Pathways, Enzymes

    Brief Description : Reactome is a database of human biological pathways and processes ranging from basic processes of metabolism to complex regulatory pathways. The data is curated by biologists and subsequently peer-reviewed for accuracy and consistency. Cross-references with UniProt, PubMed, Ensembl, Gene Ontology and LocusLink are also provided. Reactome supersedes The Genome Knowledgebase project.

    Institute/s :
    NYU School of Medicine, New York NY, USA,
    Address of Institute/s :
    NYU School of Medicine, New York NY, USA,
    Country : USA

    Associated Institutes :

    • 1 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor NY, USA, 2 European Bioinformatics Institute, Hinxton, Cambridge, UK, 3 NYU School of Medicine, New York NY, USA, 4 University of California, Berkeley CA, USA, 5 St. Johns University, NY, USA

    Associated Country : USA

    Authors/Contributors : Joshi-Tope G.; Vastrik; Gopinathrao G.; Wu G.; Matthews L.; Gillespie M; Arva A.1; D'Eustachio P.; Schmidt E.; Jassal B.; de Bono B.; Lewis S.; Birney E.; Stein L.D
    Contact Email :
    Year : 2011