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  1. Proteome Science
    Full Name of the Resource : Proteome Science
    Resource Category : Journals -> Bioinformatics -> Proteomics
    Accesibility : Open Access

    Brief Description : Proteome Science is an Open Access, peer-reviewed, online journal considering research in proteomics. The journal is specifically interested in manuscripts that integrate functional or structural proteomic analysis with cell or developmental biology. Proteome Science will consider studies in the area of structural biology, mass spectrometry, protein arrays, bioinformatics, HTS assays, protein chemistry, cell biology, signal transduction and physiology - as long as a component of the study relates to proteomics.
    Subject Area : Structural Biology; Mass Spectrometry: Protein Arrays; Bioinformatics; HTS assays; Protein Chemistry, Cell Biology; Signal Transduction and Physiology

    Publisher : Biomed Centeral Ltd
    Country : United States

    Publishing Since : 2003
    Frequency : 5
    Impact Factor (2009) : 2.56
    Indexing & Abstracting : PubMed Central; Thomson Reuters (ISI); Biosis; CAS; Embase.

    Editor : Martin Latterich
    Editorial Contact :;
    Language : English