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  1. Multiplexing matrix-analyte stereo electronic interactions for high throughput shotgun metabolomics (View Publication)
    Resource Category : Patents -> Bioinformatics -> Metabolomics
    Inventor : Gross; Richard W. (Chesterfield, MO), Sun; Gang (Madison, WI), Han; Xianlin (Clayton, MO)

    Brief Description : A shotgun metabolomics approach using MALDI-tandem mass spectrometry was developed for the rapid analysis of cellular metabolites. Through the use of neutral organic solvents to inactivate endogenous enzyme activities (i.e., methanol/chloroform/H.sub.2O extraction), multiplexed extraction conditions and combinatorial alterations in matrix stereoelectronic composition and analyte interactions, multiple suites of metabolites were directly ionized and quantitated directly from biologic extracts without the need for prior chromatographic separation. Through combinatorial alterations in 9-aminoacridine charge, aromaticity and stacking, a set of multiplexed conditions was developed that allowed identification of many hundreds of peaks corresponding to metabolites from mouse heart extracts. Identification of metabolite peaks was based on mass accuracy and isomeric species were assigned based on diagnostic fragment ions present during tandem mass spectrometry for many of the identified metabolite peaks.
    Assignee : Gross; Richard W. (Chesterfield, MO), Sun; Gang (Madison, WI), Han; Xianlin (Clayton, MO)
    Application No. : 12/174,493
    Filed On : 39645
    Source : United State Patent

    Year : 2010