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  1. KaryotypeDB
    Full Name of the Resource : Karyotype and chromosome data for animal and plant species
    Resource Category : Databases -> Genomic Databases (Non-Human) -> General Genomics Databases

    Brief Description : The Karyotype database (KaryotypeDB) contains karyotype and chromosome information like chromosome number, length, karyotype features, idiograms, physical localizations of DNA sequences by fluorescence in situ hybridizion (FISH), and cell material for metaphase chromosomes and polytene chromosomes from different animal and plant species together with literature references and links.
    Subject Area : Karyotyping

    Institute/s :
    Mario Nenno, Italy
    Address of Institute/s :
    Mario Nenno, Italy
    Country : Italy

    Authors/Contributors : Nenno Mario
    Contact Email :
    Year : 2008
    Language : English