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  1. Institute of Bioinforamtics and Applied Biotechnology
    Resource Category : Institutions

    Brief Description : The course provides competence in computational biology/bioinformatics by providing training in the areas of cell and molecular biology, computer science, statistics and bioinformatics. Lectures, seminars and hands-on projects, both in-house and during corporate or academic internships, form part of the learning process at IBAB.

    Address of Institute/s :
    Institute of Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology Biotech Park Electronics City Phase I (Behind 3M and next to Arvind Mills) Bangalore 560 100 India. Tel: 080-285 289 00, 080-285 289 01 Fax: 080-285 289 04
    State : Karnataka
    Country : India

    Department : Department of Bioinformatics