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  1. Human Genome Seg-mental Duplication DB
    Full Name of the Resource : Segmental duplications in the human genome
    Resource Category : Databases -> Human and Other Vertebrate Genomes -> Model Organisms, Comparative Genomics

    Brief Description : This web site contains information about segmental duplications in the human genome. The data presented is based on the analysis of the May 2004 Assembly of the Human Genome (also known as NCBI Build 35, or UCSC hg17). Analyses based on previous human genome assemblies can be found in the Previous Analyses section. Segmental duplication analyses of genomes of other species can be found at The criteria used to identify regions of segmental duplication are as follows: - Sequence identity of at least 90% -Sequence length of at least 5 kb -Not be entirely composed of repetitive elements The segmental duplication data and summary statistics are available for download in the Data section. Publications and their supplementary materials can be accessed in the Publications section. The segmental duplication data can be visualized in a genome browser in the GBrowse section. Selected human genome annotation tracks (except the segmental duplication track) have also been obtained from UCSC and loaded into the genome browser. Detailed information (e.g. overlapping genes, overlapping clones, and detailed alignment) can be obtained by clicking on a duplication cluster in GBrowse. Both keyword search and BLAT search are available from the Home page.

    Institute/s :
    Program in Genetics and Genomic Biology,
    Address of Institute/s :
    Program in Genetics and Genomic Biology, The Hospital for Sick Children, 555 University Ave, Toronto ON Canada M5G 1X8.
    Country : Canada

    Authors/Contributors : Cheung J.; Estivill X.; Khaja R.; MacDonald J.R.; Lau K.; Tsui L.C.; Scherer S.W.
    Contact Email :
    Year : 2003