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  1. Himachal Pradesh University
    Resource Category : Institutions

    Address of Institute/s :
    Bioinformatics Centre (Sub-DIC), Himachal Pradesh University, Summer Hill, Shimla-171005. PHONE & FAX NUMBER: 0177 2832153, 0177 2832154
    State : Himachal Pradesh
    Country : India

    Authors/Contributors : Professor T. C. Bhalla
    Contact Email :
    DBT Designated Center : DIC
    Research Area : i) Microbial enzymes: Purification, application in organic synthesis, medicine and food processing . ii) Microbial diversity iii) Mycorrihzae iv) Traditional fermented food v) Nutraceutical aspects of mushroom vi) Microbial diversity and resources vii) Enzymes: sequence, structure and functional relationship viii) Nucleotide and protein sequence analysis
    Database/s : 1) Traditional Fermented Foods and Beverages of Himachal Pradesh; 2) Microbial and Mushroom Resources of Himachal Pradesh