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  1. Genomics via optical mapping ordered restriction maps
    Resource Category : Patents -> Genomics -> Genomics Methods
    Inventor : Anantharaman; Thomas S. (Carmel, NY), Mishra; Bhubaneswar (Great Neck, NY), Schwartz; David C. (New York, NY)

    Brief Description : A method of producing high-resolution, high-accuracy ordered restriction maps based on data created from the images of populations of individual DNA molecules (clones) digested by restriction enzymes. Detailed modeling and a statistical algorithm, along with an interactive algorithm based on dynamic programming and a heuristic method employing branch-and-bound procedures, are used to find the most likely true restriction map, based on experimental data.
    Application No. : 08/887,971
    Filed On : 7/2/1997
    Source : United State Patent

    Year : 2001