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  1. FSN
    Resource Category : Databases -> Structure Databases -> Protein structure

    Brief Description : FSN (Flexible Structural Neighborhood) is a database of protein structural similarities and alignments. It employs the flexible protein structure alignment program, FATCAT, to define similarities between all protein structures deposited in the PDB. The FSN interface enables the efficient retrieval of lists of proteins with statistically significant structural similarity to protein or domain queries (via their PDB or SCOP identifiers, respectively). The server also allows users to analyze the identified structural neighbors by providing detailed alignments, interactive superposition of structures and highlighting hinge positions identified by flexible structural comparison. FSN is a unique resource to support the analysis of protein structure, and may prove valuable in unveiling the rules that govern protein change and evolution.

    Institute/s :
    The Burnham Institute, La Jolla CA, USA
    Address of Institute/s :
    The Burnham Institute, La Jolla CA, USA
    Country : USA

    Associated Institutes :

    • e Burnham Institute, La Jolla CA, USA

    Associated Country : USA

    Authors/Contributors : Zhanwen Li; Yuzhen Ye; Adam Godzik
    Contact Email :
    Year : 2005
    Language : English