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  1. DrugMetZDB
    Full Name of the Resource : Database on human drug metabolizing Cytochromes
    Resource Category : Databases -> Other Molecular Biology Databases -> Drugs and Drug Design

    Brief Description : The database 'Drug MetZ DB' deals with human drug metabolizing Cytochromes.Majority of drugs are metabolized by Cytochrome P450. The name Cytochrome P450 comes from the wavelength of light (450n.m.) that is absorbed by these isoenzymes.CYP isoenzymes are responsible for oxidative metabolism (Phase I) of many drugs, steroids and carcinogens.This database provides essential information about the Cytochrome isoenzymes and drugs oxidized by them.
    Subject Area : Drug Design; Human Drug Metabolizing Cytochromes

    Institute/s :
    Bioinformatics Centre, Pondichery University, Pondichery
    Address of Institute/s :
    Bioinformatics Centre, School of Life Sciences
    Pondicherry University
    Puducherry - 605 014

    State : Pondichery
    Country : India

    Associated Institutes :

    • Bioinformatics Centre, Pondichery University, Pondichery

    Associated Country : India

    Authors/Contributors : Basant K. Tiwary
    Contact Email :,
    Year : 2009
    Language : English