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  1. CarpeDB
    Full Name of the Resource : Comprehensive database on the genetics of epilepsy
    Resource Category : Databases -> Human Genes and Diseases -> Gene-System or Disease-Specific Databases

    Brief Description : CarpeDB is a novel, dynamic, and comprehensive database on the genetics of epilepsy. This database comprises all known genes, both in humans and animal models, which have been directly implicated in seizure susceptibility. CarpeDB also provides researchers with numerous abstracts and accompanying full-text articles, thus validating the incorporation of specific genes into the database. Moreover, CarpeDB includes an interface for routine submission of nascent data from users, as well as hyperlinks to additional Web-based resources that offer supplementary information (e.g. mutations, protein structures, chromosome maps), consequently facilitating epilepsy-related data compilation. Presently, CarpeDB serves as the only available Web-based resource designed specifically for epilepsy genetics.

    Institute/s :
    The University of Alabama, Department of Biological Sciences, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487, USA
    Country : United States