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  1. Bioinformatics research and analysis system and methods associated therewith
    Resource Category : Patents -> Bioinformatics -> Methods
    Inventor : Bugrim, Andrej; Webb, Craig P.

    Brief Description : A system and method for performing a research and analysis in the bioinformatics field which associates data from a variety of experimental platforms with preclinical and/or clinical samples and subjects. The system and method allows for the analysis of data stored therein received from a variety of experimental platforms, as well as association with preclinical and clinical sources. A fully integrated medical informatics/molecular bioinformatics database/analysis package is provided herein suitable for accelerated target discovery, diagnosis, and treatments for molecular-based diseases. An identified relationship is used with a computational distribution for scoring nodes in a network built from a set of experimentally-derived condition-specific genomic or proteomic profiles for the development of new treatments, diagnoses, biomarker identification, or target identification. The biomedical research tool provides for multi-directional data directionality that allows for detailed genotype to phenotype analysis for the evaluation of new drugs and treatments.
    Assignee : Bugrim, Andrej; Webb, Craig P.
    Application No. : 11/945,692
    Filed On : 11/27/2007
    Source : United State Patent

    Year : 2007