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  1. Aptamer Database (View Publication)
    Full Name of the Resource : Small RNA/DNA molecules binding nucleic acids, proteins
    Resource Category : Databases -> RNA -> RNA Sequence, Structure and Functions

    Brief Description : Aptamers are DNA or RNA molecules that have been selected from random pools based on theirability to bind ligands such as small organic or inorganic compounds, peptides, proteins, and even entire organisms. Like antibodies, aptamers have high affinity and specificity for their targets, and thus have many potential uses in medicine and technology. The Aptamer Database is a comprehensive, annotated repository for information about aptamers and in vitro selection experiments. It is useful not only as a compendium of the research that has been carried out and the sequences that are known, but as a unique resource for theoretical and evolutionary biologists who wish to explore the distribution and relationships between functional nucleic acids. The database is available via the web at
    Subject Area : Aptamers

    Institute/s :
    University of Texas at Austin, Austin, USA
    Address of Institute/s :
    Department ofChemistry and Biochemistry, Institute of Molecular Biology. University of Texas at Austin, Austin, USA
    Country : United States

    Associated Institutes :

    • Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Institute for Cell and Molecular Biology, University of Texas at Austin, 1 University Station A4800, Austin, TX 78712, USA
    • Department of Genome Sciences, University of Washington, Health Sciences Building K?2222/Box 357730, Seattle, WA 98915, USA
    • Section of Integrative Biology, University of Texas at Austin, 1 University Station C0930, Austin, TX 78712, USA

    Associated Country : USA

    Authors/Contributors : Andrew D. Ellington
    Contact Email :
    Year : 2004
    Language : English

    Keywords : Base Pairing; Base Sequence; Computational Biology; *Databases, Nucleic Acid; *Genetic Engineering; Internet; Oligonucleotides / chemistry / *genetics / *metabolism; RNA, Catalytic / chemistry / genetics / metabolism