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What is iBIRA stand for?
iBIRA stand for Integrated Bioinformatics Information Resource Access. It is a platform for accessing bioinformatics related information resources available over worldwide.

What is iBIRA ?
Information available through iBIRA platform have been clustered in to 6 categories as of now. These are Databases, Journals, Institutions, Software Tools, Patents, and Web-Servers related to bioinformatics.

What are the benefits of using iBIRA?
Explore - Conduct a search of more than 1500 Databases, 3000 Web-Servers, 100+ Journals, 100+ Software Tools, 100+ Patents, 500 Institutions.
Discover - View all-encompassing results based on your single search for a larger understanding of your topic related to bioinformatics.
Free - You can perform any search on iBIRA and read information free.
Bibliographic Information You can find information on bibliographic information related to these resources.

How can I get associated with iBIRA?
If you would like join our team for updation of information as an bioinformatics information specialist, you can write to us at and also you can register yourself at My Ibira section to be a part of iBIRA.

I have a Bioinformatics related information and I would like to submit to iBIRA. Can I submit it.
Yes, register yourself in My Ibira area. Go to your profile and click submit resource. Fill out all the details and submit the information. iBIRA team will verify the submitted information and then update in the database, and you will be updated with this update.

How iBIRA is different from other search tools?
iBIRA offers users a free federated search service to retrieve the content provided specially on the bioinformatics and its allied. Bioinformatics being a new subject sometimes it become difficult to find relevant information. iBIRA is an effort to cluster maximum information on bioinformatics.

Do I need to pay to register as a user?
iBIRA offers a free service. There are no registration charges

What is the difference between a simple search and an advanced search? Is this facility is available?
The simple search enables you to enter your search term quickly in a single box. The advanced search can be useful for more specialized queries, for example, when searching for articles by a particular author, when you wish to exclude certain partner societies from your search, or when you wish to specify a particular date range
A query expression may consist of a single term or you may construct a complex query using a combination of multiple terms, Boolean operators, quoted phrases, parentheses and wildcards. This facility is available in iBIRA

What is the best way to enter the author's name?
When searching for a particular author use the author search box on the advanced search page. Entering the last name of a single author will produce the broadest results. For a narrower search follow the format last name, first initial for example, Hawkins, J. to search for the author named Jack Hawkins.

Can I save my search results?
Yes, you can save your search result in your profile area, provided that you have logged in to iBIRA. For saving your search results, perform a search query and save by clicking save search results, you will be asked to provide a keyword for saving results. You can retrieve it whenever you need it in future.

How can I offer feedback on new features or functions?
We would love your constructive feedback as we are constantly updating our service offering to improve it for our users. Simply click on the "Feedback" icon at the bottom of screen and give your feedback. iBIRA will thankfully acknowledge your concern