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Bioinformatics is one of the emerging subjects in recent past which have incorporated many field together. The application of computational approaches to solve biological problem is the key concern of bioinformatics. Biologists working in the field of bioinformatics often come across with lack of key information resources such as software tools, database information, journals along with the association of institutions in order to correlate, compare and keep pace with the fast moving research program in bioinformatics.

iBIRA (Integrated Bioinformatics Information Resource Access) is an effort to associate bioinformatics people with the Bioinformatics Information Resource, available over worldwide, at a single platform in six leading areas of the bioinformatics which are: Molecular Biology Databases, Institutions working and imparting education in the area of bioinformatics, Journals publishing Bioinformatics articles, Patents in the area of bioinformatics, Software Tools for analyzing Bioinformatics data and Web-servers hosting plethora of bioinformatics data sets.

Searching for a better way to help researchers quickly get to the quality content they need, these categories provide a gateway to associate bioinformatics people with most researched work. iBIRA searches the content based on PUBMED indexing terms and provides relevant results, without the noise of other Internet search engines in the form of clusters. The information made available through the iBIRA platform is limited to bioinformatics/biotechnology and further clustered in to six major categories of database, journals, software tools, web-servers, patents and institutions.

The database is in continuous updated with the available information in to these categories mentioned above and visitors are requested to submit information available with them in order to strengthen the data to serve bioinformatics community